Saturday, 12 December 2009

Some preliminary results on 500kHz with Litz Loading Coil

It is early days yet and only one station that is known to receive me, G7NKS has been active.
G7NKS is equidistant from G3ZJO and G3XBM and at reciprocal angles.

This is useful in theory. Previously I had compared the only available reports from signals not received at precisely the same time, this one is from 06:16 this morning thanks to WSPR net.

2009-12-12 06:16 G3ZJO 0.503810 -24 0 IO92ng 0.05 G7NKS IO92ub 46 120
2009-12-12 06:16 G3XBM 0.503865 -6 0 JO02dg 0.001 G7NKS IO92ub 46 240

Indicated Power levels should be disregarded G3XBM quotes an Estimated Radiated Power, I quote a QRPp Input, neither can be taken as exact. G3XBM runs 5Watts of RF, I run 160mW, this is 15dB less. The signal at G7NKS shows 18dB difference. I shall work more on my Antenna to see if I can eliminate the 3dB now apparent.

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