Thursday, 28 January 2010

Short Distance 500kHz Success

After a bit of discussion on 70 cm this morning, we talked through Spectran and WSPR settings and use. I was convinced that any wire antenna in an FT817 would produce some signals on 500kHz. With 6Km between us G3KAN had just got to see more than just a 30 second burst of my QRSS.

At 14.22 we made it, using just the wire in the rig, the signal -15dB.

2010-01-2814:42 G3ZJO 0.503820 -15 0 IO92ng +17 0.050 G3KAN IO9226

A run of 4 Spots followed, then some screen shots by e-mail. It will be interesting to find out how long the RX was on for when we talk again. I am intrigued by the possibility that short periods of enhanced propagation bring signals up to a usable level on a poor antenna at short range.

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